Pink Silk Face Cloth

  • Silk Face Cloth

    Why not add some luxury to your make up removal with our silk face cloth? Our silk flannel is perfect for removing face cleansers and cream masks. With silk known for its hypoallergenic properties, take your skin care to the next level with these double sided silk cloths.

    Our silk face cloths feature a plush 100% cotton padding sandwiched between two layers of silk; textured crepe de chine on one side for gentle scrubbing and sumptuously soft silk satin on the other side for smooth gentle make up removal. The silk satin side is perfect for your delicate eye area.

    Available in ivory and shell pink and in sets with our silk cotton pads and cleansing headband.

    Approximately 24cm or 9 ½” square

    Washing your face cloth
    We recommend rinsing your face cloth after use with cool water and either hand washing or washing in your normal machine wash using a mesh bag at no higher than 40°C. For best results, do not overload your washing machine to allow your cloth to get the best clean and dry flat. Do not tumble dry. It is unlikely but some make up and face masks may stain the silk flannel but they will remain useable. The silk has not been prewashed so some shrinkage may occur over the washing lifetime of your face cloth.