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A little change of direction

So, you may have noticed that Mille Saisons has been launching a few new silk accessories lately and we’ve been a bit quiet about SS17. Because life has a habit of changing things, Mille Saisons has also evolved a little.

I know some people think there is a Mille Saisons team, but it is a one girl band made up of just me. Sometimes I wish I had a team! As Mille Saisons is just me, anything that changes in my life, does affect the brand. The eagle eyed amongst you may have seen me mention that I have a sleep disorder or noticed that I love a good nap and that over the last year I have been wearing adult braces (eurghhh) to prepare my teeth for jaw surgery which should solve my sleep disorder. And will mean I no longer have to wear a super attractive CPAP machine at night…!

Rare selfie time of my super hot night time look >

It is likely that I will be having my surgery this year which has made planning ahead, especially to the notoriously far ahead fashion calendar, much more difficult. So for now, Mille Saisons will be concentrating on silk accessories with shorter lead times to allow for me to work around my surgery and to take the time off when it is surgery time. Don’t worry, I will let you all know in advance of my time off as well as making plenty of stock beforehand for my planned posting minion to send out to you :D So while clothing may be taking a back seat for now, there’s still plenty of new silky goodness planned for you all!

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