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Gold (gold) always believe in your soul

I had Spandau Ballet in my head the whole time I was working on this post…! So from top left and roughly clockwise-

I’m a bit in love with Cadence London’s anatomical jewellery collections and this heart bracelet is beautiful.

If you haven’t heard of Colourpop, where have you been?? American brand Colourpop has grown rapidly in the last few years and started shipping to the UK last year. I do save up the products I want to buy as shipping to the UK is a bit more expensive. Thankfully Colourpop is so reasonably priced that it is still worth placing an order! Their Supershock eyeshadows were one of their first products and are still brilliant. Get Lucky is currently on my wish list for my next order.

The only eyeliner pencil I have bought for years is Marc Jacobs Highliner. I wear contact lenses and have quite watery eyes but have found this pencil will not budge, even if I tightline my upper lashes. Day to day I wear Blacquer and (Stone)fox but Mari(gold) will look amazing in summer, maybe with a soft aqua eyeshadow for a bolder look.

These gold boots have me thinking a little of Noel Fielding's classic boot wearing style and wishing I was cool enough to carry them off. My style suits these little heels more but they didn’t suit my theme (or fit as neatly in my picture grid!) as well and a girl can always dream of wearing gold boots!

My first ever internship was at Sophie Hulme and it was amazing to intern somewhere so inspiring and whose products I still love. Sophie Hulme’s more recent evening bag collection really cleverly takes her signature styles into metal and Perspex clutches.

Our classic scrunchie lets you add a little gold into your outfit effortlessly and as easily as popping one onto your ponytail.

What is a curated product selection without a statement vase? These MADE vases will look just as good with minimal greenery as a full bouquet.

I think nearly every nail varnish I have bought in the last year has been ILNP. The sparkles just add an extra dimension and I’ve found the wear to be excellent. I have found it best to apply three thinner coats and I use Seche Vite to quickly dry through all the layers.

Do you have a gold favourite to share?

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