Oyster Pink Silk Astrid Super Scrunchie

  • Silk Astrid Super Scrunchie

    Super size your scrunchie with our new luxe silk scrunchie size, perfect for a statement ponytail or on your wrist. With a 15cm diameter when laid flat, this scrunchie will add voluminous silky ruffles to your hair.

    Approximately 6cm/2¼” wide and 20cm/7¾” long stretching to 42cm/15¾”. 

    Silk is gentle on the hair and super soft, helping to reduce breakage and making it the perfect upgrade your hair deserves.

    All scrunchies are 94% Silk, 6% Spandex and 19 momme. We use a silk spandex mix because it has a better handle and a little extra stretch which makes a more durable fabric. We recommend a gentle hand wash.

    The last photo shows the super scrunchie next to our regular scrunchie size.