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My main way of making stock is not made to order but I also don’t overproduce either as I sew everything in house myself. I have a few pieces that I sew on a made to order basis but I’ve worked out what I really do is made to demand. When I first launch a new product, I only make a few or even one of each style and colour to test how popular they are. I’m all about slow and steady growth and this ethos follows all the way through to managing my stock.

I wish I could say I have a specific way of knowing when to increase stock of a certain product but it’s mostly intuition and finding myself needing to sew certain products more frequently than others!

I order my silk and components in a similar way to avoid overbuying.

So if you want to place a larger order but can’t see the stock online, just drop me a message and I can get sewing more just for you.






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All orders are sent in paper or cardboard packaging. Most orders fit in our letter box friendly pink cardboard boxes sealed with paper tape. Orders that do not fit in our pink boxes are sent in larger brown paper envelopes. Inside your order is wrapped in tissue paper.

I keep plastic packaging sent to me to reuse for larger orders when needed.



All of our plain silks come from one supplier in China who pay their workers a better wage for their skilled work. Our plain silk is dyed with AZO free dye and is SGS certified.



I work to make classic pieces designed to last you years and work to design patterns that fit together to create minimal waste. I keep my silk scraps to cut into smaller fabric components. I still have and wear some of my first scrunchies I made for Mille Saisons in 2016!






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