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Mille Saisons - French for 1000 seasons because we design classic, long lasting accessories. Pronounced like the first part of mille feuille but without the cream!

Sounds more like meel say-sohns


Mille Saisons is a British indie brand dedicated to silk accessories. At Mille Saisons we are passionate about silk and only use Grade A Mulberry silk to create luxury accessories for you. All our silk accessories are carefully made in small batches in Britain and include silk scrunchies, hair bows, headbands and eye masks in a beautiful range of colours.


At Mille Saisons we love silk and think everyone should have some silk in their lives. Silk is soft and gentle on your hair and skin making it the perfect upgrade you and your accessories deserve. You can't beat the properties of silk to keep your hair stronger and healthier.


Mille Saisons is pretty much just run by me, Jo. Sometimes when I say 'we' I mean me and Mille Saisons the brand as they are a bit different (real life Jo is a lot more sweary than brand Jo...!)


I launched Mille Saisons in 2016 after studying Fashion at Kingston University to share my love of silk and the versatility of accessories. I also had a sleep disorder that made it difficult to have a 'normal' job; turns out not many places want you to have a 3 hour nap in the office?! So I created my own dream job designing and sewing silk accessories and have loved finding so many other wonderful lovers of accessories in everyone who buys a Mille Saisons piece.


I also provide consulting and both Cut Make Trim and Full Production Packages specialising in accessory creation for other independent brands.

Get in touch with me here.

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