Summer Cherry Print Silk Tess Hair Ribbon

  • Tess Silk Ribbon

    The Mille Saisons’ Tess silk ribbon has had a cherry print update, perfect for summer days and spring picnics. Our silk hair tie is designed to allow you to wear it in multiple ways; tie the silk scarf in a bow around ponytails or buns, thread your silk tie through a braid, wrap it around your head as a hair band or even wear it as a short tie around your neck.

    Approximately 3cm or 1 1/8” wide and 95cm or 37 3/4” long.

    Our cherry print silk is 94% Silk, 6% Spandex and 19 momme. We use a silk spandex mix because it has a better handle and a little extra stretch which makes a more durable fabric. We recommend a gentle hand wash.