My Essential Christmas Films

Everyone has different films they watch at Christmas and I am aware that not all of mine will be traditional answers but these are films I think I always manage to watch in between the new Christmas specials on television. Love Actually A modern classic which will have you feeling all of the feelings. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be heartwarmed and you’ll want to cheer Emma Thompson up and hit Alan Rickman. Blackadder’s Christmas Carol Blackadder always hits the mark for comedy and offers a new twist A Christmas Carol. With an excellent cast as always, this is a great festive parody. The Muppet Christmas Carol I know, some people may find this one a little juvenile but it’s good fun,

Independent Designers and Shops We Love - Part Two

This second part of our independent shopping guide comes to you written mostly from my bed as the dreaded Winter Cold has finally caught up with me! It has nearly gone now thank goodness and as my brain has come out of the cold fuzz, I can finally proof read this blog post and get it up online. You can’t shop much more locally than buying jewellery from the studio next door. Alexis Dove has also just opened a new shop on Lewes High Street. I have yet to visit the new store properly, but if it is anything like the old shop then you are in for a treat. I am in love with her Menagerie collection which features adorable metal versions of animals. My mother alternates between a kitten and a rabbi

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