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How to choose between a silk pillowcase and sleep cap


You’ve heard sleeping on silk is beneficial for your hair but now you are wondering whether to choose a silk pillowcase or a silk sleep cap. Both silk pillowcases and caps can help prevent your hair from tangling and frizz; there are pros and cons to each which I will go through to help you decide!

Silk is wonderful for hair because it is made up of proteins so has a similar structure to your hair which is also mostly made of protein. The satin weave used by most silk satin pillowcases and sleep caps is smooth and helps reduce friction. Silk is less absorbent than cotton which allows the natural oils to stay in your hair, preventing it from drying out.

While silk is great for helping keep your hair smooth and preventing breakages, a silk pillowcase can also help with your skin. With silk being less absorbent than cotton,  your skincare will remain on your skin for longer, allowing it to absorb into your skin better. It also won’t pull moisture away from your hair, drying it out.

Silk is hypoallergenic so can help with acne or eczema and will also cause less friction on your skin.

However, a silk pillowcase may be a little more inconvenient to take with you when you go away as you will probably need to remove it from your pillow unless you have unlimited packing space.

A silk sleep cap will completely cocoon your hair and you might prefer this if you want to pin your hair in place to preserve curls overnight for example.

While silk is breathable and temperature regulating, extra fabric on your head might make you feel a bit warmer.

If you are a restless sleeper or move a lot in the night (I personally like to rotate like a rotisserie chicken!), you may find a sleep cap falls off in the night. It is a little easier however to pack when you are going away.

Do you prefer a silk sleep cap or pillowcase?