But I don't want to go to therapy?

This week I had my last session of psychotherapy after nearly 4 and a half years. Obviously I can go back if I feel I need to but the idea is that I feel I have been helped enough by my therapist now. I’ve been going to therapy since April 2014. That’s a big commitment right? If someone had told me I would still be seeing my therapist over four years later, I’d probably have panicked. But now? I can’t imagine not going to therapy regularly. Over the last couple of years I have gradually dropped my sessions down to every two weeks and now every month. To start with I think there is this fear of being stuck in therapy. But is being trapped in your emotions or in a negative thought cycle not sc

Pink Picnic Style

In an unlikely turn of events, the UK is having such good summer weather that means picnics are no longer pipe dreams ruined by rain! Start by sweeping your hair back into a soft half up style with our silk hair bow and team with a cute gingham dress. I'd recommend taking more than just macarons to eat but they make a sweet light dessert to take with you and Laduree does some of the best. The heat of summer is perfect for minimal make up; a little concealer, mascara and a shimmering lip balm. My current favourites are NYX concealer, Benefit's Roller Lash and for glossier lips I've been using Nip + Fab's Lip Topper, For a more decadent picnic, add a bottle of champagne! I have quite a sweet t

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