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5 Creative Craft Kits You'll Want to Try

Can you believe it’s been two years since I was sending out over 400 free scrunchie making kits using my personal fabric stash to give you something creative to join in with during the first UK lockdown?

If spring has you feeling creative (a bit of sunshine makes me want to try so many new things!) and you enjoyed sewing your own scrunchies in 2020, here are a few craft kits to inspire your artistic side!


I bought one of Niamh’s embroidery kits at the beginning of last year. Her instructions are so clear and easy to follow while her kits are jam packed of value with full skeins of thread included. If you sign up to her subscription box, you’ll end up with your own beautiful library of threads to use in your own projects.

I’ve done three of Wimperis Embroidery’s kits and then with what I’d learnt gone on to embroider (and then sew) my own napkins, a large hoop for my friends’ wedding gift full of their wedding flowers and a tiny Baby Yoda on a t shirt for my boyfriend amongst other projects 😊


I’m probably biased as Kate is my friend (and sometimes I get to help testing her kits) and you might recognise her name from our collaborations together, but her sequin kits are just so full of joy.

The light will catch every sequin as you’ll sew and with your own disco of colour going as you stitch, it’s hard not to feel happy as you go! At the end, you’ll end up with a sparkling sequin ornament. The gin kit is also a wonderful gift (I’ve already given two!) and again, the instructions are clear and easy to follow.


Ok, so it turns out everyone on this list so far is someone I know and get on with from Instagram and Hattie McGill is no exception. While you might not know Hattie herself, it’s likely you’ve seen her embroidery work in films like Emma., Aladdin and Netflix’s Bridgerton series.

Goldwork is an incredible type of embroidery and is often seen on ceremonial military outfits. Hattie modernises goldwork by making wonderful contemporary pieces and this lobster kit is no exception. This kit is top of my list to try!

More sewing!