Back to School Style

Can you get excited about back to school supplies as an adult who has not been ‘back to school’ in over a decade? At the beginning of the year I talked about how you don’t have get caught up in making new year’s resolutions, saying that I prefer to make changes in spring. For many independent businesses, September also tends to bring a switch of focus (whisper it if you must but it’s the beginning of the build up to Christmas and usually the busiest time) and is another excellent time to, for lack of a better expression, get your shit together. And there’s no better way to pull yourself together that with cute preppy pieces and new stationery. Miss Patina makes wonderful vintage inspired pie

Summer Holiday Style

I’ve gathered my favourite items for a late summer holiday with pieces that will take you through to autumn. Although with the current weather, who knows if it's going to be summer or autumn next week! I’ve had Glossier’s cult Balm Dotcom on my wish list for ages and now I’m holding back on ordering because I can’t decide on a Lidstar shade to pick! Both look like ideal products to throw in your liquids bag if you are only taking hand luggage and perfect for low key shine on holiday when you have better things to do with your time (like relax and drink wine) Hopscotch have nailed pretty minimal style with the Bright Rose candle which will take you through summer to darker nights surrounded w

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