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Summer Holiday Style

I’ve gathered my favourite items for a late summer holiday with pieces that will take you through to autumn. Although with the current weather, who knows if it's going to be summer or autumn next week!

I’ve had Glossier’s cult Balm Dotcom on my wish list for ages and now I’m holding back on ordering because I can’t decide on a Lidstar shade to pick! Both look like ideal products to throw in your liquids bag if you are only taking hand luggage and perfect for low key shine on holiday when you have better things to do with your time (like relax and drink wine)

Hopscotch have nailed pretty minimal style with the Bright Rose candle which will take you through summer to darker nights surrounded with candlelight. Obviously I’d pick the pink candle jar but there is a grey one available too.

Salt-Water have the cutest classic sandals. I only wish they made sandals with a slight 1-2cm heel as my feet don’t like being completely flat- maybe because I have a high instep?

Flowerbomb is such a pretty floral fragrance all year round but there is something about it that just makes me think of early summer as the flowers are blooming.

Add a subtle boho statement to your outfit with our delicate silk wrapped hoop earings. I wear my ivory hoops the most because I wear a lot of pastels in summer but in winter I know I’ll end up wearing the onyx hoops more!

I’ve loved Charlotte Elizabeth’s bags long before Megan Markle discovered them but it’s no surprise they are a hit with their timeless elegant design with a hint of vintage styling. The new backpack leaves your hands free for taking those all important holiday insta shots.

I interned with Marina just after I graduated and not only is she a lovely person, but she creates amazing versatile silk pieces. My graduate collection used a lot of silk but I learned so much more about the different kinds of silk from Marina. This crepe shirt dress flows beautifully and will carry you through to winter layered with a chunky knit jumper.

Finally, a some subtle sparkle with Statement Grey’s dainty marquise necklace and pair it with the refined design of their bestselling Avalon ring with matching marquise crystal. I love my Avalon ring so much that I think I need to buy another one as a back up!

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