Millennial pink Instagram accounts you probably need in your feed

I’m sure we’ll be seeing a deluge of articles predicting the eventual demise of millennial pink but I say if you love the pastel pink life, keep going with it! If you never tire of rose hued Instagram feeds, you’ll want to follow my favourite pink themed accounts. @eachpeachstudios are all-in-one content creators covering marketing, branding, copy and photography. With a feed full of their peachy pink photoshoots, I reckon you’ll find yourself lost scrolling their feed in no time. @hellomissjordan is basically a real life Disney princess who finds all the best pink places for her outfit shots. As a fellow afternoon tea enthusiast, I also recommend her Tea Files blogs for the most in depth re

What is that? An airway for ants? And why I will be having surgery

If you have been following me on social media for a while you may have seen me mention surgery. Now that my surgery date is nearly here (only four weeks to go!) I thought I would explain what I will be having done and why. Don’t worry, Mille Saisons will be staying open though! While I won’t be able to take custom orders during recovery, I have been preparing plenty of all my usual products for you so that orders can still be posted. You may have also seen me moan about my braces hurting. A few years ago I realised I still wasn’t happy with my overbite despite having had braces as a teenager. I still had an overbite and I thought this was also giving me a weak chin profile. Weirdly I had jok

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