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Millennial pink Instagram accounts you probably need in your feed

I’m sure we’ll be seeing a deluge of articles predicting the eventual demise of millennial pink but I say if you love the pastel pink life, keep going with it! If you never tire of rose hued Instagram feeds, you’ll want to follow my favourite pink themed accounts.

@eachpeachstudios are all-in-one content creators covering marketing, branding, copy and photography. With a feed full of their peachy pink photoshoots, I reckon you’ll find yourself lost scrolling their feed in no time.

@hellomissjordan is basically a real life Disney princess who finds all the best pink places for her outfit shots. As a fellow afternoon tea enthusiast, I also recommend her Tea Files blogs for the most in depth reviews.

@goodbloodperiod uses pink branding to champion period positivity by talking about menstruation pain and challenge those taboos. I wish there had been projects like this around when I was a teenager to help make me feel less uncomfortable.

@freyasfairytale might be a bit saccharine for some but I love the light, whimsical joy found in her feed.

Blogger @lapetitenoob curates a perfectly pretty pink feed and isn’t afraid to say she loves the blogger clichés of brunch and flowers, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?

@thecovengirlgang is the super charged space for creative business women run by the incredibly inspiring Sapphire of @theflowerarranger. Full of thoughtful and honest observations that prove you can have a curated pink feed but still be honest about your life and business.

If you love The Coven, then Sapphire’s business @theflowerarranger will also fill your feed with inspiring thoughts. As a florist, this feed contrasts a lot of the pink with plenty of greenery. So while there may be less pink, there are a lot more flowers - excellent!

Who doesn’t want to be a @glossier girl? I have a bit of a confession to make though; I still haven’t bought anything from Glossier because I’m too indecisive to work out what to order!