A little change of direction

So, you may have noticed that Mille Saisons has been launching a few new silk accessories lately and we’ve been a bit quiet about SS17. Because life has a habit of changing things, Mille Saisons has also evolved a little. I know some people think there is a Mille Saisons team, but it is a one girl band made up of just me. Sometimes I wish I had a team! As Mille Saisons is just me, anything that changes in my life, does affect the brand. The eagle eyed amongst you may have seen me mention that I have a sleep disorder or noticed that I love a good nap and that over the last year I have been wearing adult braces (eurghhh) to prepare my teeth for jaw surgery which should solve my sleep disorder.

How to Pitch to Brands

I had been wondering if this blog post was necessary as you may think that there are enough articles of this nature available as I had also thought. Despite this I still often receive emails such as this: “Dear Mille, I am a blogger and would love to discuss collaborating. Thank you” Harsh truth point time! Dear Mille. Or even Dear Millie! There are so many articles out there giving this advice but I still get emails which start this way. There is no one called Mille; it is just part of the brand name. While it may not be immediately obvious to whom you will be writing, a quick Google of ‘Mille Saisons Creative Director’ will tell you who to address your email or a quick look at my press p

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