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How to make a rose spritz for summer

I have not written a blog post in ages- I have quite a few ideas, but they just don’t often make it to the top of my to do list. I have been busy working on a lot of new products though!

As summer has finally hit the UK I thought I would share how to make my favourite drink- a rose spritz. I love a Hugo/French Spritz which uses St Germain elderflower liqueur and found a bar in Italy last summer with several pages of spritzes. I had to return almost every night to try more!

Stylist has already declared the French Spritz to be the The Drink of the summer and this drink swaps elderflower for delicate rose. I use Monin syrups as they come in so many different flavours but really, once you have the basic ratios, you can use any syrup or flavoured liqueur.


200ml sparkling wine (you can use champagne, prosecco or any fizzy wine. I like the cans of wine you can buy now for single servings)

150-200ml soda water

2-3 tbsps. syrup or liqueur


The method is so easy I hardly need to write it (and I definitely spent more time trying to take photos with my left hand of my right hand pouring my drink!)

Simply pour the sparkling wine and soda water into a glass and add syrup or liqueur to taste. Floral syrups can be delicate but can also be overwhelming if you add too much so if you aren’t sure, always add a little at a time.

The cocktail stirrer was custom laser cut by Yeah Laser for my friend’s hen party.

I'm wearing a Rose Petal scrunchie and Shell Pink scrunchie on my wrist.