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Tips for starting your Christmas shopping early

I often mention that I have started my Christmas shopping early in summer and I know a lot of people roll their eyes but there are actually several good reasons to start early.

  1. It’s a great way to spread the cost throughout the year and not panic about the amount of money you are spending in November and December. I know you can save money each month for your Christmas shopping but if you are the kind of person who knows they will dip into that savings pot, then buying the presents early stops that happening.

  2. If you plan ahead you can also make the most of sales and offers. I bought a perfume in a summer sale with 20% off this year. I know some shops will do last minute Christmas sales, but I prefer the feeling of being sorted to the last minute panic!

  3. By planning ahead, you make sure you don’t miss out on buying the presents you want to and that they don’t sell out. Who hasn’t longed for a plush Lala Teletubby as a child only to be told they had sold out and only Dipsy was left…

  4. It can help stop those last minute panic purchases that you bought because you needed to give something. Starting early gives you longer to think and buy something the recipient will cherish.

  5. You can feel really smug in December…! Less panicked shopping time, more festive activity time!

First you need to turn off that little voice in your head that says it’s too early to start Christmas shopping. If you see something that is a great present and is in your budget, buy it.

Make a list of who you are buying for and if you have a budget for each person. I do this less now as I only really buy for my mum and my brother but I have notes on my phone to add to when I think of a good idea, then each month I tend to buy a few items from my list.

When you are ordering from a website for yourself during the year (especially if there’s a free delivery threshold to make use of) have a browse for gifts for anyone on your list. This also helps get your gifting inspiration going as you browse!

Have you found any useful tips for starting your Christmas shopping early?

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