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How to sew a cotton face mask

I've written this tutorial for my face making method for anyone that wants to sew a lined mask for their personal use. This mask is fully lined with channels for elastic, ribbon or tape to be threaded.

You will need to print the pattern so the test square measures 2cm x 2cm Seam allowance of 1.5cm included in pattern

  1. Cut 4 cotton mask pieces and 2 interlining mask pieces.

  1. Sew two lining pieces right sides together along the long curved side. Place the two outer pieces of cotton right sides together, sandwich between the two interlining pieces and sew along the long curved side as well.

  1. Clip notches along the curved seam on both the lining and outer fabric.

  1. Turn the outer fabric inside out to show the right sides and iron flat along the curved seam.

  1. Open out the outside pieces and lining pieces and line up right sides in. Pin as shown in the photo.

  1. Sew down each straight side. Sew along the top curve starting at the notch and ending at the notch. Sew along the bottom seam as shown in the photo between the notches, leaving gaps at the sides and in the middle.

  1. Clip notches along the top curved seam and turn the mask inside out through the bottom opening in the middle.

  2. Iron the mask flat and cut 1m of elastic or ribbon.