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Tips for wearing a face mask

If you are still struggling to find your perfect mask, here are some of my tips You probably can breathe more easily than you think (excluding medical conditions obviously!) I used to have a tiny airway and had to use a CPAP while waiting for double jaw surgery so I know what restricted breathing feels like 😅 To help with your breathing feeling restricted, try to breathe more through your nose. Breathing through your mouth pulls the mask in more which feels uncomfortable. Look for a mask with an interlining which adds a bit of structure Find a face cover in a colour/pattern you love and you’ll be more likely to want to put it on! I use a tie that wraps around the back of the neck, through the mask sides and then goes around the back of the head again and ties for a better fit and easy adjusting. It means I can also knot the tie above my ponytail or hair bow so it doesn’t hurt my ears or head :)

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